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My vision, my perception, my expression - I am a tool of art.

I am a visual artist,  art therapist, art teacher with a masters degree. 

I made my studies in Fine Art, Art Pedagogy and Art therapy BA in Cluj Napoca, Romania, and  in Hatfield, England. 

I made my MA in Fine Art and Art Pedagogy in Cluj Napoca, Romania and London, England. 

Currently I live and create in Tokyo, Japan.

The last 3 years I was expressing my thoughts, visions, feelings in digital paintings, character design and writing. 

The subject of my works always based on expressive communication of one’s feelings and presence. 

The unity of my art is an expressive voice with the touch of distortion or a drop of mystery. 

I love to find questions as answers to questions. 

The knowledge of the unknown and the certainty of debate. 

My main brush stroke is reflecting the "beauty of pain”, " the shape of emotions", " the melody of silence".

The core of my art stands on psychology and existential philosophy.

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